Ask yourself these questions....
Photo by Roman Vanur

Are you missing signs and opportunities in your life?

Are you having a recurrent dream or nightmare that you can’t make sense of?

Do you feel like you’re sailing against the wind?

Does it sometimes feel like life is just too hard?

Are you drawn to people who don’t bring out the best in you?

If you answered yes....

I can work with you to explore the answers to these questions.  Let me connect you with your guides, highest self, Spirit....whatever you choose to call it.  My goal is for you to feel better after a session than you did before.

Some people get intuitive readings for just plain fun.  Others are hoping for more information about a certain topic; relationship, a career, or their health for example.  Still others see intuitive counseling as an alternative to more traditional counseling, more convenient and private.  

Why work with me?

There are many people doing intuitive readings these days so you have a lot of options.  It can be hard to decide who to work with and how to make the decision.  I have twenty years of experience working with people of all ages and in many different settings.  I have a license in mental health counseling and can blend my clinical training with my intuitive abilities to give you a quality experience.  

My clinical background matters because I have been trained in ethics and professionalism, which I take very seriously. Most intuitives, as talented as they might be, don't have a background in counseling.  There are some issues which are best addressed in a traditional counseling setting rather than through intuitive counseling and I will let you know if I believe you deserve that kind of support.  

Ready for a reading?  Book a reading.

Image credit Roman Vanur via Creative Commons on Flickr